The challenges of global Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics have never been greater. Increased outsourcing, shrinking product lifecycles, intensifying economic pressures, and constant changes in supply and demand make supply chain optimization harder than ever. Our solution is a cost-effective way for tracking, monitoring and managing your products at the item-level while in-transit. Our Total Management Solution (TMS) provides the ability to know the location and condition of your items on-demand, enabling real-time decision making to improve operations management. Our RFID tags and integrated RFID-GPS readers/trackers can be easily installed in the most demanding environments and are designed to work with your existing systems and processes.


Cold Chain Logistics is the continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity of an item when it leaves production, when it is stored in cold warehouses, when it is transported by refrigerated truck or container, all the way to final delivery to the customer. Our technology can provide the proper reports that the temperature was monitored the entire chain and remained within the settable parameters. The customers for our cold chain technologies are primarily pharmaceutical companies, healthcare, bio-medical and produce or food companies shipping perishable foods or heat sensitive products. Our unique technology solution we bring to cold chain logistics is named ColdFence™. Our TrackLinc ColdFence™ technology provides alarms to a customer with our GPS-RFID sensors, if any pallets or items leave the cold chain vehicle or container while being transported or a tagged item leaves a cold chain warehouse or storage facility.


Vehicle Tracking Solution (VTS) is an integrated GPS and GPRS/GSM/CDMA based fleet tracking solution that helps companies save fuel cost, reduce manual labor, and increase process efficiencies. A GPS device is attached to each vehicle, and IVTS system communicates with a cellular network (GPRS/GSM/CDMA) to collect data from these devices. Once the data is collected and stored in our central server, it can be extended to derive various business values as well as shared with the other Enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, etc. Besides the location, other information like vehicle speed, geo-fencing, mileage, etc. are also provided by the Vehicle Tracking Solution.


We offer a number of proximity cards and readers for securing employee access and providing real-time security tracking in a building or on a campus. Proximity cards and RFID cards provide a diverse range of functions, while providing a great deal of convenience, as the cards must simply be waived or tapped in front of a reader rather than swiped. These cards are commonly used for such applications as access control, time and attendance, network login security, biometric verification, cashless payment, and event management.


Student Tracking Solution (STS) is a real-time, web based GPS-RFID integrated solution to monitor, manage, and provide location based security for schools or college campuses. The Student Tracking device, an integrated GPS-RFID unit, is installed on every school bus and a small RFID device is provided to every student. These GPS-RFID enabled devices are used as primary tracking devices. Student Tracking Solution creates a paperless working environment where student identity, location, and travel time data is captured automatically in real-time from the student and school buses, and this information can be monitored on a secured user-friendly Internet browser either on a desktop or a mobile device such as iPhone or Android smart phone, iPad, or TabletPC.