TrackLinc Corporation is an Atlanta, Georgia, USA based company with operational partners in India, Brazil and other countries. Our fleet, people, equipment and asset tracking technologies are based on the integration of GPS, RFID and cellular. The TrackLinc Software Client Internet interface is simple to use and highly secure to allow only the client or their designated people use of the location and supply chain data.

Our cold chain source to destination tracking technology and software provides real-time temperature monitoring and records for pharmaceuticals, fresh foods and other temperature or humidity sensitive products. Our management team has many years of experience and also the technical knowledge which has enabled Tracklinc to be one of the technical leaders in the GPS-RFID field. Our friendly employees have the experience of implementing systems in a number of countries with our global cloud based software technology.


Our TrackLincTM technology is used by both government and private business. Our family of GPS & RFID products, can meet your needs today and scale to your largest GPS or RFID requirements. Our TrackLincTM global tracking technology can provide you with GPS mapping in other countries.

Let our company work with you to improve your delivery of products to your customers, enhance the security and safety of your employees and to secure the access to your property and buildings. Our GPS and RFID systems are very competitive in price and of the highest quality.