Welcome To TrackLinc

TrackLinc Corporation provides hardware products and software for GPS and RFID solutions. The TrackLincTM GPS/RFID hardware and our software, allow customers to quickly locate their assets and personnel. We go beyond basic GPS to not only map the location of a customer's vehicle, but to also identify the RFID tagged items that enter or leave that vehicle. We can also provide accurate RFID readers at choke points or at entry/exits to control and monitor tagged assets. Our TrackLinc GPS and RFID products are used for asset tracking, supply chain monitoting, logistics, employee security, as well as cold chain temperature monitoring.
Our GPS/RFID TrackLinc products are also securely integrated with TCPIP Ethernet wired networks, WiFi, and cellular technology based on GPRS, CSM and CDMA for accurate tracking in cities and on remote highways. Our cellular GPS modems can either be implemented with GPRS or CDMA technologies. TrackLinc products gather data from the GPS, RFID, and real-time locating systems (RTLS), then securely transfer that data to cloud based server platforms. We can provide our customers with better visibility of critical assets, supply chains and logistics.

Our TrackLinc Network is based on communications via cellular, wireless, or Internet networks which connect to our cloud based servers. TrackLinc's integrated GPS and RFID technologies provide unique solutions for asset control, logistics and operational decision making. Contact us to provide you with information about our secure asset tracking and location services, that integrate with your present inventory, ERP and management systems.