image TrackLinc distributes CalAmp's GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking products, which are intergrated with Tracklinc's best in class vehicle and asset tracking software. Our economical tracking hardware/software packages offer our customers the best in quality, for the best value. Our TrackLinc software is intergrated with Google mapping technologies for pinpoint accuracy. Our cellular technology can connect to the Internet via any "HOT CELL TOWER" or can be connected through a single carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile. The GPS data is transmitted for real-time asset or vehicle tracking.


image Tracklinc's long range active and passive RFID readers and tags are designed for near real-time asset location services. Our RFID solutions quickly help you determine the location of your valuable assets and can provide continual timely, actionable asset information. Enterprises in manufacturing, agriculture, retail, construction, equipment rental, fleet rental, defense, aviation, and fulfillment and can all benefit from this ability to track, trace and know in real time the location of assets or people. TrackLinc can also integrate with your inventory or legacy accounting systems to save time and dollars on asset inventory. Our active readers can identify RFID tags accurately even at 200 to 300 feet from the reader. We also can integrate RFID readers with GPS devices with cellular technologies for mobile tracking solutions. This is great for a time stamp of location of a delivery.


image The Globalstar SmartOne LP (line-powered) is designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered fixed and mobile assets. It is a practical solution for tracking asset location, reporting unauthorized movement, engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring as well as a multitude of other applications. Users can track intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats as a solution to improve your assets operating efficiency and security. The GlobalStar SmartOne "asset ready" design allows it to be easily installed and field managed without the need for harnesses, antennas, or external power. The SmartOne is powered by 4 "off-the-shelf" AA 1.5V lithium batteries providing 3+ years of battery life and removes the need to purchase expensive proprietary batteries for replacement. The GlobalStar Satillite tracking technology allows assets to be tracked on a global basis.


image TrackLinc's BikeTrackerTM technology is intergrated with mobile apps and standard web user interface to allow instant tracking of your ride's location. It also has battery backup to track even when there is no power to the motorcycle to allow instant location and recovery if your ride is stolen. This is much better than LowJack types of products that have to be in proximity because it connects through cellular towers for real-time ride location at any time.